The search engine for your documentation

Documentation needs to be discoverable in a single, centralized place, but we have too many tools to keep track of. Notion, Confluence, static sites with API documentation, docs can't be written in a single tool.

Sherdoc indexes them all and adds great search on top. That way, all your docs are just one search away, no matter where they live.

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What sets Sherdoc apart.


Super fast searching as you type.


We natively support Notion, Confluence, static sites, and many others.

Simple interface

Just a search box. You don't need anything else.

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Search your documentation

If you're tired of having to ask on Slack, only to be pointed to some piece of documentation you didn't manage to find in the first place, Sherdoc is for you.

Its benefits include:

  • Efficient, fast and reliable.
  • Your data is never shared.
  • Supports multiple tools.